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We're Renee & Lulu - soul sisters, brought together by energy and connected by our love of Qi Gong and yoga. Our combined enthusiasm for all things health and wellness inspired a mission to bring awareness to the power of Qi Gong.  For Lulu, Qi Gong brings clarity, purpose, and a path to her true self. For Renee, the practice brings creativity, mind expansion and physical well-being. We believe everyone can benefit from this moving meditation to cultivate energy, healing and wellness.  One of the things we’ve discovered is when we share the practice of Qi Gong with others, it organically lifts and feeds a collective state of being for all those who engage in it.  Together, we're Energy Tribe!

Gloria Latham's Kundalini Retreat
Dr. Roger Jahnke
Ra Ma Institute
Our Journey


We became instant friends in November 2016 after a mutual friend introduced Lulu to one of Renee's Sunday morning Qi Gong classes. Lulu was hooked on the elevated feelings she experienced after just one class! We quickly realized we also share a mutual love for Kundalini Yoga. Within months of meeting, we set out on a Kundalini retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Gloria Latham of Semperviva Yoga. During the retreat, we continued our daily Qi Gong practice and introduced it to our new friends. It was there we realized our passion to spread this complimentary and powerful practice to everyone and anyone who would listen!

Shortly after, we trained with the world renowned Dr. Roger Jahnke of Chinese medicine to receive our Qi Gong Healer Within Certification. Next up, we are both studying under Guru Jagat at the Ra Ma Institute to receive our Kundalini certification. The rest is energy in motion!



I fell in love with Hatha yoga 25 years ago.  The sense of calm it provided made me an instant yogi!  I devoured as many books and watched as many videos as possible.  Years later and a million savasanas in, I sought out the teachings of Gurmukh at Golden Bridge Yoga to learn Kundalini.  It had me at Sat Nam.  The connection to my spirituality took on a whole new level.

Kundalini helped me break down barriers and I wanted more of that feeling!  On a quest of self-discovery, I found massage therapy, Reiki, and a passion for healing.  Through bodywork, I was able to help others for over 12 years.  Add 3 kids to the mix and a full house of rescue dogs, cats, plus a hedgehog, and life got busy, but beautiful.  Today, I am a practicing kids yoga teacher and certified Qi Gong instructor.

When I was first introduced to Qi Gong, it took me back to that “ah ha” moment I had in Gurmukh’s class so many years ago.  By moving my own energy, I felt clarity, peace, happiness, and a connection to who I am at the core - all through slow movement and breath work.  The healer within me wants to share this practice with as many people as possible!


As the founder and president of High IntenCity, a global girls’ accessories company, mom of 3 boys, and certified Qi Gong instructor, energy is my super power and Energy Tribe is my passion project.

After 20 years of practicing yoga, experimenting with numerous holistic treatments, and reading hundreds of books, it wasn’t until 2012 that I was first introduced to Qi Gong.  I slowly incorporated this practice into my daily routine and felt the immediate mental and physical benefits, which were unlike anything I had experienced before… it was pure magic!

By 2016, I began teaching Qi Gong classes to my employees and noticed an increase in productivity, creativity and overall happiness.  As a result, I expanded my outreach by leading sessions at my home studio.  In a little over a year and a half and 500 classes later, I realized that I needed to do even more to empower others with this untapped practice.  My entrepreneurial spirit combined with the passion to make Qi Gong modern & accessible, has brought me to co-found Energy Tribe!

Meet Us


10 Minute Tapping Sequence
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Qi Gong - 10 minute Tapping Sequence:

Clear energy blockages and stagnation in the body with this tapping and breath work sequence.

qi gong the 8 brocades
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Qi Gong - The 8 Brocades:

A simple and effective sequence to promote overall organ health in under 30 minutes.



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